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Manitoba Rancher Recognized By Outstanding Young Farmer Program

A rancher and Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) alumni from Eddystone, Manitoba was recently honoured as recipient of the 2019 W.R. Motherwell Award by Canada's OYF program. The award was presented to Angela Fox at the national event in Fredericton last week.
"Along with running her four children to extra-curricular events and managing the ranch as a sole proprietor Angela works one day a week for a local auction barn, more to help them out than for the paycheck," said Regional Chair Dustin Williams.
The following is an excerpt from an OYF news release:
As 2008 Manitoba Alumni, Jay & Angela brought many ideas to the Manitoba program that improved the local program. In 2011 she became the regional administrator and continues to work tirelessly to make the regional and national events (2011 & 2018) a success.
Angela and her husband Jay personified the concept of power couples while running Steadfast Ranch. Jay was the larger than life persona and Angela was the heart and soul of the partnership. Sadly Jay was taken from Angela in 2011. Through her grief, Angie not only maintained a great life for her four children, but also continued to successfully manage their 11,000 acre cow calf ranch. There were many that questioned if Angie would sell the ranch and/or move away but that was not even a consideration for her. She continues to complete and work towards the plans and goals that she and Jay had made.
Angie was introduced to Maggie Van Camp by Jim Snyder of BDO. Maggie, like Angie, had lost her husband and was challenged with successfully continuing the family farm operation. With the help of BDO, Angie and Maggie inspired other farmers at speaking engagements across Canada to prepare and complete a "Because I Love You List" because we never know how our lives might change tomorrow. Angie and Maggie shared many experiences and stories over their touring and speaking engagements.
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