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Maximize Agronomic and Environmental Outcomes through Improved Manure Management

By Brian Dougherty

The Iowa Learning Farms conservation webinar taking place Sept. 14 at noon CDT will feature Brian Dougherty, field agricultural engineer with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Dougherty’s research and outreach focuses on the effects of cropping systems and management practices on soil health and water quality.

Iowa Learning Farms is an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach conservation and water quality education program.

In the webinar, “Improving Manure Management to Maximize Agronomic and Environmental Outcomes,” Dougherty will discuss the results from a five-year study that assessed the effect of manure application timing, fall cereal rye cover crops and utilization of nitrification inhibitors on water quality and crop yields. He will also explore some best management practices in relation to maximizing the value of manure nutrients while minimizing environmental losses.

“As we approach harvest season for most row crops, planning for fall cover crop establishment and fall or winter manure application should be underway now,” said Dougherty. “This is the time to review the latest research on application timing, use of nitrification inhibitors and practices that will keep nutrients in the fields where they deliver the most value. I am hopeful that participants in this webinar will gain in their appreciation for the impacts management decisions regarding manure application timing will have on agronomic and environmental outcomes.”

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