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Moisture should help Sask. farmers, agronomist says

The recent rainfall across north-central Saskatchewan should help farmers with seeding, according to one agronomist.

Elliott Hildebrand, who covers the area around Saskatoon, said this spring’s precipitation could create better conditions for farmers after dry conditions in recent years.

“We’ve been in a moisture deficit situation for several years now,” said Hildebrand. “So this is all welcome moisture now to help…better conditions maybe than we’ve had for a few seasons, so it’ll definitely be helpful.”

After a wet week in the region to start the month of May, more precipitation is expected this week.

“We haven’t had much precipitation in the last few years, so I’d say the outlook (for the year) is cautiously optimistic at the moment. It’s a more positive start than we’ve had for a few seasons,” Hildebrand said.

“We’re going to need more (precipitation) through out the season as always. But it’s pretty normal at this point. Routine to good relative to the last three, four seasons I think. There are predictions out there that say it should be a positive to good season through out, but that’s as far as it goes.”

Hildebrand added that farmers are still generally in the early stages of seeding.

“Scratching the surface, getting a few acres in,” he said. “This recent moisture here that we’ve had will make it a lot easier to go seeding.”

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