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More performance and a new entry-level model for compact TORION agricultural wheel loaders from CLAAS

CLAAS has introduced the TORION 530, a new 46hp entry-level model in their range of compact articulated wheel loaders for agriculture. In addition, the TORION 535 and TORION 639 models also receive more engine power.

The CLAAS range of small TORION wheel loaders with articulated steering now includes three models with engine outputs of 46 to 74 HP. As a new entry-level model the TORION 530, which is powered by a 46 hp Yanmar four-cylinder engine with 2.2l displacement, complements the price list. The hydraulic system delivers 61 l/min at 230 bar and enables an articulated tipping load of 3,000 kg. The parallel-guided Z-kinematics of the conical mast allows for a bucket pivot point of 3.18m to be dumped over heights of up to 2.82m and maximum reach of 1.46m. The mast and attachment are conveniently operated using a joystick. Alternatively the two additional control circuits can be controlled using an additional lever or at the push of a button.

On the larger TORION 535 and TORION 639 models, power from the 2.1 l Yanmar four-cylinder engine has been increased to 74 hp. They are now optionally available with either standard or High-Lift Z-kinematics. In the standard version, overreach heights of 2.82m (TORION 535) or 2.98m (TORION 639) can be achieved, while the High-Lift version can reach 2.97m to 3.18m. Depending on the version, the bucket pivot point is between 3.19m and 3.54m. Maximum reach is from 1.49m to 1.71m. With a hydraulic delivery volume of 70 or 80 l/min, the articulated tipping load of the TORION 535 is 3,500 kg (High-Lift: 3,300 kg) and on the TORION 639 it’s 3,900 kg (High-Lift: 3,600 kg).

The engines of all three "small" TORIONs meet the Stage V emissions standard using a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) without SCR.

All three models also have a sensitive and durable hydrostatic drive with two speed levels, which accelerates the TORION 530 to a maximum of 20 kph and the two larger models now up to 30kph. The optional vibration damping of the mast can be activated to prevent rocking on uneven terrain and fast loading cycles. Thanks to the 40° steering angle of the articulated pendulum joint on both sides, maneuvering is no problem, even in narrow yards and buildings. In addition, when fitted with standard 340/80 R18 tyres, the TORION 530 and TORION 535 remain below 2.50m clearance height.

The completely redesigned spacious cab has lots of storage options and storage compartments. It offers exceptional all-round visibility and, thanks to the curved front windscreen, the operator has an excellent view of the mast and raised attachments. The glass entry door and the right window can be opened by 180 ° and locked. The infinitely three-way adjustable steering column, the air-sprung driver's seat, air conditioning and the low noise level in the cab ensure pleasant driving comfort. A display unit on the right A-pillar and the clear control panel next to the right armrest make everyday work intuitive and easy - even with changing drivers. As an option, the cab roof can be fitted with halogen work lights or up to eight LED lights with 360° illumination.

Source : CLAAS Group

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