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New Series of #FeedYourFuture Canadian Career Fairs hosted by

Employee recruitment is a top focus for agriculture and food employers to fill critical workforce needs. is offering Feed Your Future Canadian virtual career fairs for the 2023-2024 season to facilitate these connections between candidates and employers.

Feed Your Future Canadian virtual career fairs connect agri-food employers and job seekers across Canada through the proven efficiency and effectiveness of virtual recruiting. Participation in #FeedYourFuture events is free for candidates.

There are agri-food job opportunities for people exploring a new career, a new industry, or interested in making a difference. Abundant job openings are available in sales, research, processing, logistics, administration, technology, production, and more. Job seekers will find careers on the farm, in the field, plant, lab, and office (on-site and remote).  

“Virtual career fairs create timesaving critical interactions that produce measurable results to combat today’s recruiting difficulties,” said Kathryn Doan, CVO Director, “We continue our mission of feeding the world with talent by providing easy access to digital recruitment activities and talent solutions,” added Doan.

The Feed Your Future Canadian virtual career fairs start October 11, 2023, and will continue through March 2023 in partnership with various companies and associations, including Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Registration and additional details for each fair are available here:

#FeedYourFuture registration, supporting partnership opportunities, and additional details are available at or email


The mission is to provide global talent solutions in agriculture and food. They strive to “Feed the World with Talent” in the industries they serve.’s passion is agriculture, which is demonstrated through their investment in time and resources that engage candidates and employers in the industry. They work to build the pipeline of talent to the industry by expanding knowledge about the breadth of career opportunities in agriculture. For more information, visit

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