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Oklahoma Drought Monitor Sees Minimal Increase in Two Drought Categories

Not much change this week in the drought monitor report, and according to the Oklahoma Mesonet, warmer temperatures and below-normal precipitation can be expected through April. There is a chance for some snow in the Oklahoma panhandle this weekend, and northwest Oklahoma may see some precipitation (rain/snow mix) on Saturday.

Exceptional drought is unchanged from last week’s 11.77 percent

Exceptional drought is unchanged from last week’s 11.77 percent.

Extreme drought or worse has increased only slightly from last week, as it moved from 57.21 percent to 57.90 percent over the past week.

Severe drought or worse remains at 81.01 percent.

Moderately dry or worse also remains unchanged at 89.12 percent.

Abnormally dry or worse conditions see a slight change, with an increase from 97.46 percent to 97.96 percent.

To view the Oklahoma Drought Map, click here.

According to the 6–10-day precipitation outlook map, the majority of the state is leaning above a 33-40 percent chance of precipitation through January 28th. The far southeast corner of the state is leaning above a 40-50 percent chance of precipitation.

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