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Revolutionary bio-capsule tech set to boost cotton crop yields

transformative advancement in farming technology is on the horizon for cotton growers, thanks to Meristem Crop Performance’s latest innovation. The company has announced a new formulation, extending the benefits of its BIO-CAPSULE microbial delivery system to cotton, ensuring better crop health and higher yields. 

The cutting-edge product, REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE COTTON, features a comprehensive set of microbes and micronutrients, encapsulated for effective delivery at the time of planting. This system is designed to cater to cotton's specific nutritional needs and the various stressors the crop encounters. 

The standout aspect of this technology is the enhanced vigor and survivability of microbes, with trials showing up to a tenfold increase in live microbes delivered directly to the crops compared to other methods. This increased efficacy leads to faster emergence, healthier plants, and ultimately, improved yields throughout the season. 

Early adopters of REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE COTTON have observed a significant difference in the robustness and health of cotton crops from the very beginning. The formulation not only strengthens the naturally frail cotton seedlings but also offers substantial protection against prevalent pests and diseases. 

This new formulation is further enriched with a specific strain of Terrasym for cotton and a potent mix of ten bio-fertility and nitrogen-fixing microbes. Active Carbon Technology is another crucial ingredient that nourishes these microbes and provides added resilience to the cotton crop under stress. 

The technology also includes a unique blend of micronutrients, featuring manganese and ION-LOCK zinc, ensuring these nutrients are directly available to the seeds in the most effective manner, akin to an energy boost right when the plants need it most. 

With its commitment to pushing the boundaries of agricultural productivity, Meristem Crop Performance is providing cotton farmers with a groundbreaking solution for healthier, more bountiful crops, setting a new standard in agricultural technology and crop management. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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