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Soybean Planting Expected To Take Off This Week

Soybean planting is underway in Manitoba.

Cassandra Tkachuk is a production specialist with Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG).

"I would say it's just getting started for soybeans. Chatting with Dennis Lange, we both figure about 80 of the pea acres have gone in. I'm expecting soybean seeding to really take off here, maybe about 10 percent so far, and to really to take off over the next few days."

She talked about the timing for planting soybeans.

"Overall the planting window for soybeans in Manitoba is actually flexible throughout the month of May. We have lots of Manitoba-based research to back that up. The latest research is from the pulse and soybean agronomy lab, which is a program funded by MPSG and led by Kristen MacMillan at the U of M, and this research on soybean planting dates has shown us that yields were similar when soybeans were planted anytime from April 28 to May 24."

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