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Support Builds for Legislation to Limit One State’s Ability to Impose Standards on Agricultural Production in Another

The Chief Legal Strategist with the National Pork Producers Council says support is building for legislation that will prevent states from imposing standards on the production of agricultural products produced in other states. U.S. lawmakers have introduced a bill that would prohibit individual states from imposing conditions on the sale of agricultural products in their states that are produced in other states that go beyond those already in place in those states or under federal law. California’s Proposition 12, Massachusetts Question 3, other state specific legislation designed to regulate animal welfare standards for pork sold in those states and the EATS act were the focus of a Canadian Pork Council webinar last week. Michael Formica, the Chief Legal Strategist with the National Pork Producers Council, says two versions of the EATS or Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression act are being debated in Congress, one in the Senate and the other in the House of Representatives.

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