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Two Aid Programs Launched for Manitoba Livestock Producers

The Manitoba and federal governments on Tuesday launched two programs under the AgriRecovery framework for drought-stricken livestock producers in the province.

The first program, the Livestock Feed and Transportation Drought Assistance program, will help producers purchase and test feed for livestock to maintain their breeding herds including transporting purchased feed from distant locations. Meanwhile, the Livestock Transportation program will assist producers with extraordinary costs to transport breeding animals of beef cattle, sheep and goats to alternate locations to feed, up to 1,000 km.

“Manitoba producers care deeply about their livestock and these programs will help producers buy feed or to help get the feed they have purchased delivered to their animals, or get the animals to another location where feed is available,” said provincial Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler.

Eligible animals under the Livestock Feed and Transportation Drought Assistance program are breeding animals of beef and dairy cattle, horses raised for pregnant mare urine (PMU), sheep, goats and bison. Producers must be supporting a minimum of 10 animals to qualify for assistance and the program covers feed and feed transportation expenses between June 1, 2021, and March 15, 2022. Feed must have been delivered from a supplier at least 40 kilometres away and assistance is available for hauling feed for up to a maximum one-way distance of 600 km. Eligible feed purchases are those made between June 1, 2021, and March 15, 2022.

The Livestock Transportation program does not cover moving animals to market or sale.

Meanwhile, Manitoba is also in the process of designing a cowherd-rebuilding program under the Canada-Manitoba AgriRecovery Drought Assistance framework to help livestock producers forced to sell breeding stock due to limited feedstock in 2021 with the goal to rebuild their herds starting in 2022. The details of this program are currently under development.

These programs will help address some of the extraordinary costs beef producers have been incurring due to the drought conditions,” said Tyler Fulton, president, Manitoba Beef Producers. “Producers are making important management decisions for their operations heading into the next few months, and having access to these programs will certainly help with that process. Looking further ahead, we welcome continued discussions with governments about how a herd recovery program will be framed.”

Earlier this month, the Manitoba government announced an investment of $62 million under the AgriRecovery framework, designed to support livestock producers affected by this year’s drought conditions.

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