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WEDC and Korean UW Alumni Join Forces to Expand Wisconsin's Global Footprint

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and Korean alumni from the University of Wisconsin (UW) are partnering to boost the state's export economy. The collaboration seeks to leverage the expertise and networks of Korean alumni to promote Wisconsin products and services in the Korean market and beyond. 

The initiative comes as part of WEDC's efforts to diversify the state's export portfolio and expand into new markets. By tapping into the Korean alumni network, the partnership aims to create new business opportunities for Wisconsin companies and increase exports to South Korea. 

Through this collaboration, Wisconsin companies can benefit from the support and guidance of Korean alumni who possess intimate knowledge of the local market and culture. Alumni can offer invaluable insights on business practices and customs, as well as facilitate introductions to potential partners and customers. 

The partnership also involves the establishment of an internship program, which will provide Korean students with opportunities to gain work experience with Wisconsin companies. This program is expected to enhance cultural exchange and strengthen economic ties between the two regions. 

This collaboration demonstrates the power of partnerships in driving economic growth and fostering global connections. By leveraging the resources and networks of diverse stakeholders, Wisconsin can expand its global footprint and create new opportunities for its businesses to thrive. 

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