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Weeds Becoming A Concern

With warmer temperatures continuing this week, weeds will start to become a concern for many farmers.
Tammy Jones is a weed specialist with Manitoba Agriculture.
"With the heat that we've had, and now with the little of rain that we've had, or a lot of rain in some areas, there are lots of weeds out there and the perennials are doing quite well," she said. "I've seen quite large dandelions that are going to be a challenge for control in-crop or even as a pre-seed control, there's going to be some challenges just because they're so big. We're seeing lots of other weeds coming now too. Lot's of lamb's-quarters and redroot pigweed."
Jones says for some farmers, it might be too late.
"Lots of farmers went out prior to seeding and felt that there was maybe not enough weeds in order to control and I've had a lot of questions since then saying, 'how do I get rid of this particular weed in this particular crop?'. Now, there are not good answers for them. There's just no good options for some particular weeds in some crops."
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