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Eric Michaels: Record Keeping

Jan 14, 2021

Video: Eric Michaels: Record Keeping

- Farm work vs paper work… which do you prefer. Paperwork is often seen as a necessary evil, but Dr. Eric Micheels shows that it can be as important as the farm work you do.

- Measuring conception rates for your cows is a great idea, but are you measuring the revenue for each exposed cow? Or the cost per pound for each weaned calf you produce? It takes more work, but Dr. Eric Micheels talks about the benefits of spending a bit more time to take a few more records

- When you’re on the combine or tractor, there are a lot of gauges that give you a lot of information. You might pay attention more to one number more than another, but you’ll likely find importance in a few of them. When you’re recording the performance of your herd, how much are you recording? Are you finding areas for improvement, to get better profits next year? Dr. Eric Micheels describes why recording and evaluating your production is important.