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Dairy Leaders to Attend 2013 National Holstein Convention

Two of Canada’s Top Dairy Professionals to be Showcased at Holstein Convention

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Holstein Canada announced that two esteemed industry professionals from the dairy sector will be featured at this year’s National Holstein Convention being held in Niagara Falls on April 10-13, 2013.

This segment of the convention will allow Holstein Canada members to not only congratulate these industry leaders on their achievements, but also get a chance to hear them speak on their expertise.

One of the industry leaders who will be showcased is Patty Jones, who is a recipient of the 2012 Certificate of Superior Accomplishment Award Winner. This award is considered the highest honour within the organization and Jones will be the 20th recipient of the award, which is given out by Holstein Canada. The award is given out to individuals who display outstanding leadership and business achievements relating to the Holstein breed. Jones is one of the co-founders of Canadian Livestock Photography Inc. Since this time, Jones is considered to be a well-known livestock photographer and a successful business owner and photographs over 1,000 cattle each year.

The key guest speaker for this year’s Holstein Convention is Tom Byers - Holstein Canada’s Head Classifier. This will be the first time that the organization has asked an internal employee to be the keynote speaker at the convention. Mr. Byers is considered to be one of the most well-known individuals within the industry and has been with the Association for 30 years. Byers will be sharing his knowledge in assessing dairy breeds across Canada and talking about the role that he plays in helping dairy farmers use corrective mating to ensure the advancement of dairy breeds. Over Byers’ career, he has classified over 300,000 cows.

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