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JFAO: Building Future Rural Leaders

Ontario’s Junior Farmers Cultivate Leadership Skills 


The Junior Farmers' Association of Ontario (JFAO) is committed to developing future rural leaders through self-help and community betterment.  

With a focus on members aged 15-29, JFAO provides a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to enhance their leadership skills, network across the province, and engage in community projects. 

Carson Wagner, the newly elected JFAO President for 2024, emphasizes the inclusive nature of the organization. “We are not just for farmers; we have members who are teachers, nurses, and financial advisors. We come together to build leaders and communities.” Members benefit from mentorship, as older members guide and support the younger ones. 

JFAO hosts various provincial events throughout the year, offering members opportunities to build teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.  

The recent AGM and March Conference in Peterborough, ON, introduced a new executive team eager to collaborate and achieve new goals. Wagner encourages members to take on new roles and contribute to the association's growth.  

The next provincial event, Autumn Profile, will be held in Middlesex on October 19th, followed by the Ontario Young Farmers Forum (OYFF) in Toronto on November 25-26. 

In addition to provincial events, JFAO offers international exchange programs with several countries, including Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, and Scotland.  

These exchanges allow members to learn about agriculture in different cultures, make new friends, and explore like locals. JFAO also hosts international delegates, providing them with a chance to travel across Ontario and meet members from various club counties. 

This year marks JFAO’s 80th anniversary, with celebrations planned for August 17th. Carson Wagner expresses excitement about this milestone event and invites everyone to attend. Tickets are available at JFAO 80th Anniversary Tickets

For those interested in joining JFAO, there are clubs across the province. Prospective members can reach out to any executive member for more information.  

Dana Quinn, the East Zone Director, is also available to assist those looking to restart the club in Leeds County. Contact Dana at for more details. 

JFAO continues to play a vital role in developing future leaders and fostering community betterment.  

With a wide range of activities and programs, it offers valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth, making it an excellent platform for young individuals to thrive. 

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