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New book shows off bovine beauties

New book shows off bovine beauties

A P.E.I. dairy farmer is sorting through almost 20 years of photos

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A dairy farmer from Prince Edward Island and a livestock photographer from Ontario are creating a photobook to help spread some joy in the industry.

The dairy concessions in the new USMCA have hit producers hard. The new book can provide farmers with a brief escape from the associated negativity, said Bloyce Thompson, owner of Eastside Holsteins in Frenchfort, P.E.I.

“Our industry is in need of some good news,” he told “This book may not change peoples’ lives but, at the very least, they can pick (it) up and see some beautiful dairy cows in beautiful and unique places.”

The book, which is scheduled for release in April ahead of the National Holstein Convention in Charlottetown, P.E.I., features dairy cows modelling in front of provincial landmarks – including Province House (P.E.I.’s provincial legislature) – and Island scenery.

For Thompson, the book serves two purposes: an opportunity to engage with the community and to promote the province’s beauty.

“Non-farmers who pick up this book will see livestock in a different light,” he said. “They’re washed, polished and sparkling. They look like supermodels on the beach. The book also helps to promote Prince Edward Island. The province is so small but has so many beautiful places in it. Maybe someone will want to go visit one of the beaches in the book.”

It is a compilation of photos spanning nearly 20 years.

Vicki Fletcher, a Pembroke, Ont. livestock photographer, was behind the lens for most of those pictures and is co-creating the book with Thompson.

The pair work together when Thompson needs marketing photos of his cows. Many of the photos in the book are pictures that did not make into marketing materials.

“We might be on the way to another location and one of us would suggest stopping somewhere else to take some photos, so we would,” Fletcher told “The project is a look into the fun we’ve had along the way.”

Vicki Fletcher/CBC photo

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I'd love to support this project as I have a great appreciation for the beauty of bovines ... one was named after me when I was a child :) and love P.E.I. If you decide to produce a calendar I'd love to purchase a few. Cheers, heather
heather gulyas |Oct 26 2018 9:00AM
Hello, reading this article "New book shows off bovine beauties" I would be interested in purchasing the book when completed - would you be able to put me in contact with the correct person? Thank you Wanda
Wanda Anderson |Oct 25 2018 8:39AM