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New corn hybrids released by Wyffels Hybrids

New products could be used for 2016 growing season

By Diego Flammini,

In an effort to give farmers more options and a better chance of maximizing their corn yields, Wyffels Hybrids out of Geneseo, Illinois is introducing new hybrids available for farmers in parts of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

“Part of our culture at Wyffels Hybrids is to continually push the limits to find, develop and bring to market better seed corn genetics quicker than the competition,” said Shane Meis, director of research at Wyffels Hybrids. “These new hybrids have proven they perform with outstanding yield potential, excellent agronomics and consistency across diverse conditions and environments. We are committed to bringing our customers seed solutions that can help their operations be more profitable.”

The hybrids are broken down into three categories: early-season, mid-season and late-season.

Early Season
The W1528RIB and W1526RIB can provide good root stalk and growth, can hold up late into the season and can increase yields in northern areas.

W169 can come with a good late-season appearance and can adapt to many soil types.

W2488RIB and W2486RIB can give the corn fields top-end yields and is mature enough to be harvested late.

The W4966RIB and W4960 hybrids can give excellent yield on different soils including ones that aren’t drained very well.

The W681RIB has a strong disease tolerance including Goss’ Wilt and comes with a low risk of greensnap (corn stalks breaking due to high winds).

Hybrid varieties W7016RIB and W7110 can be a good agronomic option and with their good standability and staygreen, it could make them a desirable late harvest option.

W7246RIB can have a low greensnap risk and can produce higher yields even in adverse conditions.

W7456RIB comes with a good tolerance to diseases.

The W7696RIB variety can provide good root and stalk strength as well as a low risk of greensnap.

W7508RIB can adapt from poorly drained soils to ones that are susceptible to drought and still maintain good stalks and roots.

Join the conversation and tell us if you’ll try any of these new hybrids from Wyffels Hybrids. If so, which ones? If you do, please check back in and tell us your results.


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