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North American Hog Producer Groups Reach Common Ground

Hog Organizations in Canada, U.S. and Mexico Meet to Discuss Industry Issues

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Groups representing hog producers in Canada, U.S and Mexico recently met in Niagara Falls, Canada to discuss matters that affect North American pork farmers. It became apparent that through the discussions there were several areas of common interest and concern.

Jean-Guy Vincent, Chair of the Canadian Pork Council said that while pork producers will continue to adapt to consumer demands, the costs associated with these changes must be shared with the entire value chain - including the government. Vincent adds that in order for hog farmers to survive in a global market, they must be able to recover their costs of production. There have been several recent announcements made by a number of companies that purchase pork who have announced new purchasing and sourcing requirements and according to the swine industry, these changes have been made without adequate consultation.

In addition to discussing the demands to phase-out sow gestation crates, the groups also discussed: Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), WTO rulings on Country-of-Origin Labelling (COOL) and the importance of science-based food safety relating to animal health regulations to avoid disruptions to trade. 

The producer groups plan to meet again in the fall and will be hosted by the American group – the National Pork Producers Council.

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