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Senate hearing for chief ag negotiator scheduled for this week

Senate hearing for chief ag negotiator scheduled for this week

Doug McKalip’s hearing is slated for July 28

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

President Biden’s nominee to fill an important ag position within the Office of the United States Trade Representative will have his day in front of senators later this week.

Doug McKalip (pictured), who in June received the president’s nomination to be the chief ag negotiator, will appear in front of the Senate Finance Committee on July 28 at 10:15 a.m.

McKalip’s nomination received approval from multiple industry organizations.

During the confirmation hearing, senators will question McKalip and make statements about his qualifications.

These questions could be state-specific or include broader issues.

McKalip will also have an opportunity to present his plan or President Biden’s ideas for his position as chief ag negotiator.

Once both sides have had an opportunity to speak, the committee can conduct a voice vote where a simple majority is enough to secure the confirmation.

Or, senators can come to a unanimous consent agreement where a vote isn’t necessary, and McKalip would be confirmed.

If the senate rejects McKalip’s nomination, President Biden would have to submit another name.

McKalip is the second person to receive the president’s chief ag negotiator nomination.

President Biden nominated Elaine Trevino, former president of the Almond Alliance of California and a former deputy secretary of the California Department of Agriculture and Food, for the position in September 2021.

Following months of delays, Trevino withdrew her nomination and has since taken a position within the Biden administration focusing on ag supply chain issues.

At least two other USDA positions require confirmation.

In May, President Biden nominated Alexis Taylor and Stacy Dean to serve as the under secretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs, and under secretary of food, nutrition and consumer services, respectively.

Neither have a confirmation hearing scheduled. has contacted U.S. ag groups for comment on McKalip’s upcoming senate confirmation hearing.

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