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Calls for Federal Government to Intervene on Rail Line Blockades Continue

There are more calls for the Federal Government to step in and intervene in the growing number of protests and blockades of major rail lines in Canada, over the construction of a natural gas pipeline in BC. There has been some movement on this issue. CN confirmed a blockage set up four days ago on the line into Prince Rupert was lifted.
MP's are back on the hill today and this is the number one issue. Some parties are calling for an emergency debate. Prime Minister Trudeau addressed the issue earlier today.
"People are troubled by what they've been witnessing this last week. Young, old, indigenous, newcomers. They are asking themselves what is happening in this country, they are asking what lies ahead. For themselves, for the community, for Canada. They know that these protests are serious. That this is a critical moment for our country and for our future. And so do I. On all sides people are upset and frustrated and I get it. Patience may be in short supply and that makes it more valuable than ever. Mr. Speaker, in this country we are facing many important and deep debates. Debates about the future, livelihoods of our children, the future of our environment, our relations with other countries around the world, our positioning on things that are fundamental in a time of anxiety. and more and more Canadian to see those answers. And more and more people are frustrated at such uncertainty."
Federal Tory leader Andrew Sheer was not impressed.
"That was the weakest response to a national crises in Canadian history. Now, I listened to the Prime Minister's word salad just now Mr Speaker, and at least two key things were missing, a clear denunciation that the action of these radical activists are illegal, and some kind of action plan that would put an end to the illegal blockades and get our economy back on track. The Prime Minister's statement was a complete abdication of responsibility and leadership. They may have the luxury of not going to work every day, they may have the luxury of not having repercussions for skipping class but they are blockading our ports, our railways, our borders and our roads and highways. They are also appropriating an indigenous agenda which they are willfully representing. Mr Speaker, the Prime Minister's elevation of these protesters to the same level of the thousands of men and women in First Nations communities across our country who have been trying to right the wrongs of Canadian History does a disservice to the spirit of reconciliation."
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