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Crop Report shows rainfall improving livestock water supplies

Frequent rainfall and excess moisture have resulted in one per cent of the acres in the province going unseeded.

Crops extension specialist Meghan Rosso says overall, the rain is supporting crop growth in the majority of regions across the province, but there is some crop stress occurring in the northern regions from excess moisture.

"Currently, three per cent of land is flooded and unlikely to produce a crop, one per cent of forage crops have excess moisture and are unlikely to produce a crop."

The rain has helped to improve water supply conditions for livestock producers with 79 per cent now reporting no concerns over livestock water supplies.

Saskatchewan Agriculture's weekly crop report shows cooler temperatures and excess moisture conditions are causing delays to overall crop development. 

Fall cereals, spring wheat, and oilseeds are behind normal development as compared to previous weeks.

Rosso says crop damage is being reported in a number of areas around the province for various reasons.

"Producers have reported overall minor crop damage associated with frosts, but some crops are still being assessed. Producers are applying fungicides to slow the development of crop diseases as well. Notably, producers have seen some diseases in cereal crops. Gophers, flea beetles, and grasshoppers continue to cause crop damage throughout the province."

She points out that in some areas, gophers and flea beetles have caused severe damage and producers have had to reseed.

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