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Kinze Manufacturing Announces Hydraulic Drive Now Available For 4900 Planter
4900 Hydraulic Drive
Kinze Manufacturing has added a new hydraulic drive option for the 4900 series planter, reinforcing Kinze's commitment to providing row crop planters that meet the needs of their customers. Hydraulic drive allows farmers to change seed population on-the-go from the cab, making it an excellent precision ag tool for variable rate seed prescriptions. 4900 Hydraulic Drive
Hydraulic drive for the 4900 planter will be released with pricing in May 2016 to be available for spring planting in 2017 as a factory-installed option. For 2016 spring planting, Kinze is offering a dealer-installed hydraulic drive kit for 16 and 24 row 4900 planters.
“From simple solutions to advanced technology, the 4900 planter has a number of options to meet individual farmer’s needs,” said Susanne Veatch, Kinze’s vice president and chief marketing officer. “With this new hydraulic drive option for our 4900 planter, our customers can choose a planter that best fits their farming operation.”
The 4900 is a front-fold planter with 30 inch spacing and is available in 12, 16 and 24 row sizes. The planter offers a variety of drive options, including electric drive, ground contact drive and now hydraulic drive
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