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Manitoba Sustainable Protein Research Symposium

Join us for the 4th annual Manitoba Sustainable Protein Research Symposium June 18-19, 2024.

"Embracing Technology for Sustainable Protein"

In this year’s iteration we will explore cutting-edge technological innovations and their potential applications across the plant and animal protein industry.

We look forward to five exciting keynotes including a session highlighting the transformative potential for green ammonia derived from hydrogen to yield nitrogen fertilizer – the heart of protein synthesis. We also explore advancements in genetic techniques to create sustainable plant protein, and the role genetic engineering can play in manipulating rumen bacteria that generate greenhouse gases. Later, we will discuss new extraction and modification processes for proteins from prairie sources for use in protein manufacturing, and the day will end with a discussion on the emerging market of cellular agriculture.

In addition to these keynote sessions, a panel discussion of thought leaders will critically discuss the growing workforce needs of Manitoba’s protein industry. We will delve into strategies for nurturing top-tier talent, while addressing existing challenges and limitations Manitoba must confront to effectively support sustainable economic growth and development.

Throughout the day, students will be presenting their research through brief talks and scientific posters.

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