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New CAFO permit released

By Erica Rogers
Recently, the new CAFO General Permit was released from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). Many producers have been waiting to see what requirements and regulations the permit holds that differs from the old permit. Changes were made regarding the land application of CAFO waste, Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMPs), the manifest of CAFO waste, storage structures, the magnitude of rainfall events, monitoring of discharges, and prohibitions in general. Below are a few such changes:
  • No incorporation of waste is required within 24 hours on cover crops, but will be required on wheat stubble (unless applied on a no-till field)
  • CNMPs are required to be written and developed by a CNMP provider not just approved
  • The generator of CAFO waste must now have a recent soil test (within the last three years) from the recipient before manifesting the waste
  • A value for residual solids must now be included within a storage volume design
  • The land application of CAFO waste between January, February, and March 1st-19th is now prohibited (land application may be allowed, weather permitting, between March 20th-31st once the department has been notified)
  • Likewise, the manifestation of CAFO waste between January, February, and March is prohibited


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