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Ohio Farmer To Lead Soy Transportation Coalition In 2013

As the low levels of the Mississippi River continue to impact barge shipments, the Soy Transportation Coalition (STC) held its annual meeting to discuss this and other transportation issues the organization hopes to impact. The STC discussed several current studies on the inland-waterways system and considered new projects on various modes of transportation at its recent annual meeting in New Orleans.

In addition, the STC elected a new executive committee to lead the organization in 2013. The new STC leadership includes:

  •     Chairman: Patrick Knouff, soybean farmer from Minster, Ohio
  •     Vice Chairman: Scott Glauslow, soybean farmer from Colfax, N.D.
  •     Secretary-Treasurer: Gerry Hayden, soybean farmer from Calhoun, Ky.\

“The organization has an aggressive agenda this upcoming year,” says Knouff, who also serves as vice chairman of the Ohio Soybean Council. “We are concerned about the condition of our roads, bridges, rail infrastructure, inland waterways and ports. If we do not properly maintain these critical assets, the profitability of soybean farmers will be affected.”

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