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Pulse Producers Seeing Ascochyta Problems In Chickpea's

Chickpea producers are being encouraged to check crops for Ascochyta after a number of issues have been found in crops in the southern half of the province.
Sherrilynn Phelps an Agronomy Specialist with the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers says with the drier conditions this year some fungicide applications may have been delayed.
She says in the last few weeks conditions have been really good for Chickpeas to take off and grow.
“When you get a lot of new growth it kind of outgrows the fungicide very quickly. So, our normal sort of fourteen-day window for applications or every two weeks really almost needs to move to seven to ten days instead of waiting two weeks because you're not protecting that new growth that’s happening. ”
It’s a very challenging disease to work with and it’s important that producers look at rotating fungicides as much as possible.
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