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Rules for animal transport in Canada under review

Canadian officials expect to begin establishing new rules and codes of practice for the transportation of livestock in the first half of 2019.

Starting this spring, Canada’s National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) will focus on codes of practice covering the transport of cattle, poultry, hogs, sheep, bison and equine, using input from stakeholders on scientific and regulatory expectations. The initial effort will involve animal welfare, sanitation, driving practices and vulnerabilities related to specific animal species.

An NAFCC official announced the plan at a recent conference hosted by the North American Meat Institute. The new regulatory concepts may involve shorter trips with new breaks for food, water and rest that could be in place by 2023.

The proposed regulations will be reviewed by a science-based committee of the NFACC and will be available for comment and subsequent revisions before being finalized and implemented, according to a timeline posted on the NFACC website.

Source : Meatingplace

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