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AMI offers new and existing programs to benefit farmers

AMI offers new and existing programs to benefit farmers

Projects will provide new opportunities for industry members to continually learn and develop business management skills

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer

Farmers and agri-food businesses can take advantage of many resources under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP).

These resources include several new and existing programs from the Agri-Food Management Institute (AMI).

The organization’s projects will focus on themes such as business management, productivity enhancement and local production opportunities, according to today’s release.

“This year is pretty exciting because we are able to build on our successful programs from previous years and branch out into new business development initiatives,” Ashley Honsberger, executive director of AMI, told today.

For example, AMI will run its Advanced Farm Management Program for the seventh consecutive year. This course allows business owners and farm marketers to collaborate and learn about business strategies, human resource management, and social media use, she said.

In addition, AMI will again offer the Transition Smart program, “which helps producers (determine) whether an existing food or value-added business idea is worth pursuing.”

On another front, the organization will share two newly developed “lean management portals, which will help producers and processors manage waste in their businesses and improve their productivity.”

AMI will also introduce the New Farmer Workshop. Through this program, farmers will learn how to start new operations by covering topics such as fixed and variable costs, and value propositions.

“The intent with the workshop will be to help new entrants get started on the planning process,” Honsberger said.

By attending these programs, farmers and business owners may be able to improve their everyday operations.

“They can make connections with their peers and start to create that really essential network that helps propel their businesses forward,” she said.

For more information on these programs, you can visit the AMI website.


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