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Cutting red tape for chicken producers

Cutting red tape for chicken producers

Chicken Farmers of Ontario wants to strengthen the poultry industry by reviewing policies

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The Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) welcomes the cutting of red tape in the province to ensure its farmer-members can run their operations efficiently. 
CFO members recently met with Ernie Hardeman, minister of agriculture, food, and rural affairs, to discuss the reduction of red tape in the ag sector, a Wednesday CFO release said. 
The organization is pleased with the government’s commitment to support farm businesses and ag jobs in Ontario, Ed Benjamins, CFO chair, said in the release. 
“The red tape reduction challenge initiative is something that CFO would describe as Minimum Effective Regulation (MER),” he said. 
MER refers to “robust and appropriate regulation, supported by relevant policies that are ‘fit for purpose,’” the release said. MER focuses on outcomes and includes concise goals, targets and benchmarks whenever possible.
CFO is committed to its internal process of speaking with its farmer-members to identify areas requiring policy review. The governance leadership team, made up of board directors and district committee representatives, plays a central role in this process, and farmer-members can also participate in the discussion in future opportunities.  
The cutting of red tape in Ontario will benefit chicken growers, Murray Opsteen, CFO vice-chair, told today.
“Of course, we always want to be open for business, so anything that is going to enhance business and make (farmers) not (have to) jump through as many hoops to (raise) chickens and build barns … is a positive for us.”
CFO anticipates further collaboration with the Ontario government on this initiative.  
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FLORIDA would be cheaper based on .30 cents on the dollar for one thing and hows the weather in Florida for growing chicken ? currently -25 * C IN ONTARIO And our barn temp has to be heated to + 33 * C for the newly hatched chicks So there is a few differences including regulation
Jeff |Jan 30 2019 10:40AM
So what is the red tape that is being looked at?? It is long over due and hopefully it will reduce the top end fat cats being over paid off the backs of the farmer and consumer. We are fortunate enough to be in Fl this winter and we are paying $0.56 cents for a dozen eggs, $4.69 for a roasted chicken that costs us over $12 in Ontario. All poultry products here are 50% or more cheaper than in Ontario WHY???
Ron Steffler |Jan 22 2019 12:15PM