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$400,000 for Northwest Territories Major Growers

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - The Governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories (NWT) are investing over $400,000 to increase the production of fresh, healthy and locally-grown food in the NWT’s agriculture sector.
The investments, delivered under the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (the Partnership), will support three projects in Hay River:
  • Riverside Growers ($118,642) - Riverside Growers is responding to market demand by increasing production capacity and improving processing flow. Through the Major Agriculture Projects Fund, Riverside Growers will effectively double their growing space while streamlining their processing and packing lines for greater efficiency. Further, Riverside Growers is investing in multi-functional processing equipment to support a broader array of products and provide a new level of value-added support for other local producers.
  • Greenwood Gardens ($111,174) - Greenwood Gardens is planning a significant expansion of their greenhouse production enabling them to grow more high value crops including tomatoes and cucumbers. The energy efficient greenhouse will allow for an earlier start and extended growing season particularly important for growing frost sensitive vegetables successfully in the north. The greenhouse will also provide an ideal climate for high-quality vegetable seedlings and bedding plant production to service the local and region markets.
  • Choice North Farms ($180,000) – As the largest producer in the NWT, Choice North Farms is committed to constant improvement in quality and efficiency. Through the Major Agriculture Projects Fund, a redesigned “in-line” grading station will be installed on-site to increase quality control, improve operational efficiency and open up new markets in the NWT.
  • This is the first time in the Northwest Territories that government funding has been made available under the Partnership specifically for commercial growers, and to support large-scale development on established and growing farms.
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