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Aef’s New Tractor Implement Management Landing Page Is Informative, User-friendly

The Agricultural Industry Electronic Foundation (AEF) has released an updated Tractor Implement Management (TIM) landing page. The functionality was originally launched in 2019, and was the first functionality using a standardized, certified communication between tractors and implements. As manufacturers increasingly develop products with TIM, many engineers, service and marketing staff are looking to access comprehensive information.  

“This technology, available for use by manufacturers, allows the implement to control the tractor, optimizing operations and supporting the farmer by automating manual processes.  For example, a baler automatically controls hydraulic remote valves and tractor speed to optimize the baling process and results,” said AEM Senior Director of Agriculture Anita Sennett. “This new landing page provides an easy starting point for those manufacturers who haven’t yet implemented the technology or for anyone interested in learning more about it.” 

The new and improved TIM landing page guides interested parties through topics and holds answers to many frequently asked questions. Those unfamiliar with TIM will be able to easily navigate the site, as the page explains the TIM feature, the background of its development and the benefits it brings to customers. Engineers will be able to find the relevant information for their implementation work as well, like PKI infrastructure, certificates and licenses as well as the Security Library. The page then goes one step further to talk about the steps to bring the product to market, such as Production Certificates, the AEF Conformance Test and the AEF ISOBUS Database.

Source : AEM

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