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Building resiliency for Alberta beef farms

The governments of Canada and Alberta are supporting Alberta Beef Producers in expanding its food safety and certification program.

Alberta is known worldwide for its high-quality, great tasting beef. As Canada’s largest cattle producing province, Alberta’s beef industry maintains the highest level of food safety, animal care, biosecurity, and environmental stewardship, so that Alberta beef remains a premium product across the globe.

Last year, beef was Alberta's largest agri-food export at $3.9 billion, making up 22% of the province's total. In support of this key industry, the governments of Canada and Alberta are providing Alberta Beef Producers with almost $1.9 million for its on-farm food safety program, Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+), through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP).

The VBP+ certification program provides in-person or online training, an on-farm third-party audit, and a certification that helps producers adhere to the highest standards of beef production.  Altogether, the program ensures that Albertans feel confident that the beef on their tables is safe and sustainably produced. This funding will make it easier and cheaper to get VBP+ certified, helping Alberta build a stronger and more resilient agricultural sector for generations to come.

With this funding, Alberta Beef Producers is building on its VBP+ program to align with the latest national standards and introduce new financial incentives for producers. Additions to programming include increased community events with producers, new training for youth and targeted outreach to Indigenous-operated beef operations. 

Through the new incentive program, farmers and ranchers will have access to a maximum of $5,000 for approved expenses that help them bring their operation into alignment with VBP+ certification guidelines. Examples of approved activities include audit fees, livestock handling equipment and herd management software. An operation that completes the VBP+ training but has not achieved certification yet can access up to $2,500 for the same approved expenses.

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