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Canadian Beef Exports Show An Increase In 2021

Canada is a key player in the international beef trade.

Beef exports were up in volume in 2021 by 22%, and 39% in value from January to November.

Fawn Jackson, the Director of Policy and International Relations with the Canadian Cattlemen's Association says we've been hitting new records on export
since 2016 thanks to having some key trade agreements in place.

"Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement in 2015, and then CETA in 2017 with the EU, and then CPTPP that came into force in 2019. You know, CUSMA which kept the North American engine going and now if we look at expansion, you know of CPTPP and ASEAN, you know, there's going to be future blocks that are added to this really wonderful puzzle that is leading to these great outcomes for us."

Overall, Canada exports about 50 per cent of the beef we produce, which adds another $775 per head to what producers receive.

Jackson says when it comes to international trade a high priority for the organization is the harmonizing of the U-S and Canadian export certificates with South Korea.

"Canada and South Korea have a certificate that is a little bit different than what the US and South Korea has and it leads to segregation in the US market if packers are selling into the South Korean market because they are required to keep the Canadian and American cattle separate."

She notes they are also watching what's happening with China and Taiwan as both made formal submissions to be included in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Jackson was one of the keynote speakers for the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference.

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