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CN Rail ready to handle increased grain volumes in 2022/23

CN Rail has released its Grain Plan for the 2022/23 crop year.

David Przednowek is assistant vice president for grain with CN Rail.

"CN's got the resources in place. We are ready for the upcoming harvest. We are confident that the adjustments that we've made to our operations and planning activities, combined with the investments that we've made in rolling stock, our aggressive recruiting and hiring campaign, the acquisition of more high-efficiency hopper cars as well as investments in infrastructure, rail related, both in the Prairies and along the coast, that we'll be able to move those anticipated volumes over the course of the crop year."

2021/2022 grain volumes were reduced due to drought, while severe weather events, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine disrupted supply chains.

Movement of Western Canadian grain via carload on CN in 2022/2023 is forecast to rebound to 24.5 to 27 million metric tonnes.

CN will be adding 57 new high horsepower locomotives along with adding 500 new covered hopper cars, and will bring on an additional 500 in early 2023. Through the remainder of 2023 and 2024, the Company will take delivery of another 750 covered hoppers. The new cars can carry up to 15 percent more grain than less efficient legacy cars. 

CN will be increasing its active operating crew base in Western Canada and plans to hire over 500 new additional employees.

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