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Department of Finance Canada Releases Annual Report on Federal Tax Expenditures

Ottawa, Ontario – Department of Finance Canada - The Government of Canada is building an economy that works for everyone—where people, businesses and communities have a real and fair shot at success. The foundation of that economy is a modern, simple and efficient tax system where everyone pays their fair share.
The Department of Finance Canada released the 2019 Report on Federal Tax Expenditures—Concepts, Estimates and Evaluations. This report, shared under the Government's commitment to openness and transparency, provides estimates of the fiscal cost of federal tax measures designed to keep the federal tax system functioning properly and support Canadian families and businesses.
This year's report also includes two analytical papers. The first paper is an evaluation of the moving expense deduction, which recognizes the expenses involved in moving to a new job. The second paper responds to the requirements of the Canadian Gender Budgeting Act of 2018 by presenting a Gender-based Analysis Plus of the federal personal income tax system, focusing on the impacts of tax expenditures among various groups of men and women.
The release of today's report coincides with the tabling of the Main Estimates in the House of Commons by the President of the Treasury Board.
Source : Government Of Canada

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