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Egg Farmers of Canada welcomes McDonald's Canada's participation in the new Egg Quality Assurance™ program

OTTAWA - Egg Farmers of Canada is proud to announce their work with McDonald's Canada, beginning with the launch of the Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA™) certification mark on McDonald's advertisements this summer for the freshly-cracked Canada Grade A large egg in their limited-time Egg BLT McMuffin® sandwich. 
The McDonald's advertisements will be the first time that most Canadians see the new EQA™ certification mark, with it appearing on television, print and digital channels from today until the beginning of September.
"The EQA program is the culmination of decades of work building world-class standards in the Canadian egg industry. Those standards are upheld through our national programs that include inspections and third-party audits," said Roger Pelissero, third generation egg farmer and Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada. "We are pleased that McDonald's Canada is displaying our EQA mark on their McMuffin® sandwiches, showcasing their pride in Canadian eggs and the farmers that produce them."
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