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Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan Unveils First in Series of Short Video Reels

Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan, through its web site, has released the first of a series of videos to help non-farming consumers relate to farmers and life on the farm. Canadian Food Focus, the national consumer engagement program administered by Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan, in collaboration with Aspen Films and the Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan with support from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership is in the process of producing a series of short videos designed to show the importance of animal welfare, biosecurity and family farming.

Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan Executive Director Clinton Monchuk says Canadian Food Focus was viewed as an opportunity to get out of our agriculture bubble.

Quote-Clinton Monchuk-Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan:

This was one of our first opportunities to really focus on what consumers were interested in and that was food.So, what we did is we created Canadian Food Focus that is very food focussed but then it has that undercurrent of how food is being produced.When you start following social media and what the consuming public looks at, it's what are called reals or short videos.

It's kind of changed a little bit in terms of the perspective of how people like to engage with them.We use a viewpoint that, instead of telling people what is going on, we want to show them what's going on and we do it in a very casual way.The purpose of these videos and these reels is to just give kind of a day in the life of somebody who's on the farm and let people get drawn to those individuals who are talking and the farms that they're but then, almost by accident, they're learning a little bit more about how their food is being produced and we're finding that it's very engaging and we're getting a lot of hits from it on social media.

The first in this new series of reels can be accessed through or

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