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Happy Thanksgiving! #ThinkTurkey

It's Thanksgiving weekend and a number of people will be enjoying a Turkey dinner.
In a statement Turkey Farmers of Canada notes Thanksgiving traditions with turkey will just look a little bit different with smaller gatherings this year.
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on all sectors in agriculture, including the turkey sector.
Turkey Farmers of Canada saw a significant impact on food service and deli counters, which required a decrease in Turkey production in response to reduced demand.
Darren Ference, Chair of Turkey Farmers of Canada says it's a supply managed industry.
"Turkey farmers across Canada represent 522 farmers. In the western provinces there's 49 in Alberta, 11 in Saskatchewan, and 55 in Manitoba."
Stats show in 2019 Canadians consumed 144.3 million kilograms or 6.3 million whole turkeys.
He says they base their production on the consumption of Turkey products in the country.
"Turkey production across Canada is about 165 million kilograms with 16.4 million kilograms of that being from Alberta, 5 million from Saskatchewan and
9.6 million out of Manitoba. Industry wide it (the Turkey Industry) contributes $1.2 billion to Canada's GDP and generates $400 million in annual farm sales."
Last year at Thanksgiving Canadians purchased 2.5 million whole turkeys and 2.7 million at Christmas.
Ference says they are optimistic that consumption will pick up as turkey is a very healthy choice and a good source of protein.
He says the current marketing program #thinkturkey gives consumers numerous ideas on how they can use turkey in everyday meals.
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