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India Extends Reduced Tariff On Lentils

It was announced last week that India will extend its reduced tariff on lentils coming from Canada.
Mac Ross is Director of Market Access and Trade Policy with Pulse Canada.
"They extended the reduced rate for another two months to the end of December," he explained. "While that's positive, that we continue to have a reduced tariff rate, these short timelines don't really allow ample time for countries like Canada to source and load product destined for India and it really just speaks to the lack of predictability and transparency that India continues to employ when setting their trade policies."
Earlier this summer, the tariff rate for Canada was reduced to 10 per cent.
Ross also commented on the fumigation issue with India.
"Really what it is, is a requirement by India to have pulses fumigated prior to their arrival there and this is something that they require all supplying origins to do. We've always said, since this requirement was put in place, that it shouldn't apply to Canada as we've proven. We have the data to prove that we can meet their import requirements, without the need to fumigate here in Canada."
He notes they've seen India come back to the table to discuss the issue and are hopeful that it will finally lead to a country specific exemption for Canada from that requirement.
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