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Investing into the creation of low-cost, solvent-free canola & hemp proteins

A need for more sustainably produced food products calls for crops and innovative processes that positively affect the environment and reduce GHG emissions. To leverage this opportunity, Protein Industries Canada is co-investing into a new project with Blue Sky Hemp Ventures Ltd., Virtex Grain Exchange and Thar Process to advance Canada’s protein processing technology, create new high-protein ingredients, and support the commercialization of hemp and canola ingredients.

Using cutting-edge, sustainable, solvent-free technology, combined with Blue Sky’s unique ‘whole plant utilization’ model, the partners will produce high-protein canola and hemp ingredients for applications in food products that are expected to have a negative carbon footprint. These developments are expected to open new markets for truly sustainable baking products, plant-based dairy and meat alternatives.

"This project, led by Blue Sky Hemp Ventures, is a great example of how Protein Industries Canada is helping establish this country as a leader in sustainable processing technology and a supplier of high-quality ingredients," said the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. "The commercialization of hemp and canola ingredients in a sustainable and cost-effective way is creating new economic value, and support for the project will help attract investment from international markets."

“Canada is a leader in agricultural technology development. This innovative project will help to provide Canadians with more sustainably produced food choices while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the growth of our ingredient and value-added manufacturing sector,” said the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

The project focuses on demonstrating the commercial viability of this novel approach to recover the vast majority of oil without using potentially harmful chemicals such as hexane. By avoiding high temperatures and chemical treatments, the resultant meal can be fractionated into high-quality proteins and gluten-free flours at relatively low cost – all while sequestering CO2 through Blue Sky’s ‘whole plant utilization’ model. Working with strategic partners, the project will develop commercial-ready products customized for use in the alternative dairy, meats and baking sectors. This advancement of new canola and hemp processing will create new economic opportunities for Canada.

“There is massive economic potential for Canada in ingredient manufacturing. Through the development of new and sustainable technologies, such as this one, Canada will advance our ingredient manufacturing sector and reach our $25 billion opportunity,” Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Greuel said. “The Global Innovation Clusters de-risk Canadian innovation to help establish Canada as a leader in sustainable technology and a supplier of high-quality ingredients.”

More than $5.9 million is being invested into this project, with the partners investing $4.2 million, and Protein Industries Canada investing the remaining $1.6 million.

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