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Modine to showcase Latest HVAC Solutions at Cultivate’17

Modine Manufacturing Company, a technology leader in the HVAC industry, will be showcasing their latest HVAC solutions for the green industry at the 2017 Cultivate Show, the premier national event for horticulture professionals, July 15-18, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, at booth No. 1629.
“We offer a variety of innovative, high-efficiency heaters for greenhouse cultivation and management,” said Richard Boothman, director of North American sales for Modine. “We invite anyone who is interested in the latest advancements in greenhouse heating technology to stop by our booth and talk with us.”
Modine will be showcasing two commercial gas-fired unit heater solutions:
· Effinity™ (PTC/BTC) Unit Heater
· Low Profile Stainless Steel Power Vented (PTP) Unit Heater
“Greenhouses can be harsh and corrosive environments for equipment like greenhouse heaters,” Boothman said. “The high-efficiency greenhouse heaters we offer fit any environment and application to help you maintain a remarkably even and uniform temperature at bench or ground level, and can help you eliminate mold and fungal diseases in crops.”
In addition, Modine will also have information for attendees on their latest geothermal unit, the GeoSync™ Water-to-Air Geothermal Heat Pump, which provides a high-efficiency, eco-friendly forced-air heating and cooling solution.
Source : Modine

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