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Operation Grow for Military Veterans

Operation Grow for Military Veterans

The Operation Grow project, as part of the Alabama Beginning Farmer program, provides special emphasis on the training needs of military veterans interested in specialty crop production. Alabama Beginning Farmer is led by the Alabama Extension commercial horticulture team. Overall, Operation Grow supports grassroots educational and networking efforts that are inclusive of all veterans and their families with universal access to information and resources.

Major Objectives

Training – Network – Support for Veteran Farms

Training. Provide a three-step farm planning support system to military veterans interested in farming using hands-on, on-farm, and digital media-based training (integrate technical, experiential, and social learning for veteran-owned farms).

Network with other veteran support agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for extending current knowledge base and assess future needs.

Sustainable support for veteran farmers with localized multi-agency collaboration to increase farming success.

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