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PED Case Confirmed In Southern Manitoba

Manitoba Pork says cases of the PED virus had been non-existent this year.

General Manager Cam Dahl gave an update on a recent case confirmed in southwestern Manitoba.

"We do have one case, confirmed in southern Manitoba. That barn has been contained and at this point, we're not seeing any other cases, so that's positive. We're really seeing all parts of the industry work together to ensure that things like this are minimized and when outbreaks do happen that they're quickly contained and the trace back and trace forward are done quickly and all that is helping to ensure that we're seeing the record that we have, which is really positive."

Dahl notes things were going better than expected this year.

"We were batting a no-hitter this year, which was really good. If you look at the cycle of PED, usually every two years we see a significant flare up and up until Monday of this week, we hadn't had a case. In truth, we probably were expecting a few more. That's a real testament to the biosecurity efforts of the industry. All parts of the industry, whether it's the assembly yards or transport, pork producers, there has been a real effort to ensure that we're containing diseases and preventing and limiting outbreaks."

Manitoba Pork held its fall producer meetings virtually this week.

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