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Pondering A Good Harvest This Season? Think XiteBio® Yield+.

XiteBio Yield+
With the price of fertilizer going up across North America, soil phosphorous (P) is on every grower’s mind this season. How can I get the most of my fertilizer applications? And how can I make sure my crop gets all the P it needs? More and more growers are incorporating biologicals into their crop fertility plans for their various benefits, not least of which is P solubilization. In this week’s edition of Growing Possibilities we will be highlighting how the innovative and unique biological, XiteBio® Yield+, can help your crops this season.
XiteBio® Yield+ is a premium liquid biological approved for use on oilseeds, cereals, legumes, and tuber crops. It offers an easy-to-use, all in one liquid formula with multiple options for application that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing crop fertility regimen. XiteBio® Yield+ can be applied in-furrow with your starter fertilizers during seeding or it can be tank mixed with your early post-emergent herbicides or fertilizers and sprayed on during the 0-6 leaf stage. XiteBio® Yield+ is also approved for organic use in Canada and is powered by all natural plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), meaning it is sustainable and field-friendly.
So how does it work?
The PGPR in XiteBio® Yield+ (patented phosphate solubilizing strain of Bacillus firmus) works with three distinct modes of action:
1) Phosphorous Solubilization
The P nutrition is essential throughout the growing season, but is especially important during early plant development if you want the highest yields possible (1). However, most P present in soil is bound to ions like calcium [Ca₃(PO₄)₂], iron (FePO₄), magnesium [Mg₃(PO₄)₂] and aluminum (AlPO₄), making it inaccessible to the plant. XiteBio® Yield+ releases enzymes that solubilize the phosphates from these ions, making more soil phosphates available for plant uptake and increasing potential plant P nutrition. This not only applies to the natural P reserves in your soil, but also to your applied P fertilizers, increasing the efficiency of your fertilizer inputs.
2) Phytohormone Production
Phytohormones (plant hormones) perform a variety of functions related to plant growth, including root system growth and early plant development. XiteBio® Yield+ produces and releases phytohormones such as IAA (indole-3 acetic acid) into the surrounding soil, encouraging earlier initiation root & root hairs, healthier root development and earlier crop maturity.
3) Siderophore Production
Iron (Fe) is required by plants for chlorophyll production in their leaves and is acquired by the acidification of the surrounding soil near plant roots. This allows Fe in the surrounding area to be taken up by plant roots. High pH and wet soil conditions prevent plants from acidifying the soil in their rhizosphere, lowering Fe uptake. XiteBio® Yield+ releases siderophores into the soil, which chelate Fe from the soil, making it more available to plant roots for uptake and lowering the risk of iron deficiency in plants.
The phosphate solubilization ability of XiteBio® Yield+ is something that has continued to resonate with many of our grower customers. If you are a farmer, you know how important it is to be on top of your P fertility management. Applied phosphate fertilizers generally have an efficiency of less than 50%, meaning the majority of the P you add gets fixed in the soil and is unavailable to your plants (2). Phosphate solubilizing bacteria, like the PGPR in XiteBio® Yield+, break the bonds between soil phosphates and soil particles (that bind to them and lock them up), making them into forms plants can use. This not only increases the efficiency of fertilizers you apply to the field, it also creates more plant available P from the soil’s natural phosphate reserves.
XiteBio® Yield+ is performance proven, with years of field trials and satisfied growers showing that PGPR biologicals are worth it. Click here to see all field trial results and see for yourself how XiteBio® Yield+ can improve your ROI and make your operation more efficient.
Source : XiteBio

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