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Province extends deadline for flood-recovery help for farmers

B.C. farmers whose farms were damaged by floods in November 2021 can now apply to the Canada-BC Flood Recovery for Food Security Program until Aug. 31, 2022.

The program helps farmers return to production by reimbursing them for uninsured expenses they incurred on activities such as:

  • cleanup, repair and restoration of land, barns and animal shelters, and water and waste systems;
  • returning flood-affected land and buildings to a safe state for agricultural production;
  • repairing uninsurable essential farm infrastructure;
  • repairing structures such as livestock-containment fences;
  • renting temporary production facilities;
  • installing drainage ditches and land-stabilization materials;
  • animal welfare activities such as replacing feed, transporting livestock, veterinary care and mortality disposal; and
  • replacing perennial plants not grown for sale.

The enrolment deadline for farmers to begin their claim process is being extended from June 1 to Aug. 31. Processing of claims will continue after the deadline and farmers can continue submitting documents outlining their expenses after that date.

Funding for the Canada-BC Flood Recovery for Food Security Program is provided by the governments of Canada and British Columbia.

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