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Rain Welcomed By Most

If your crops are pulse, like peas and lentils, this rain may be an unwanted delay.
But for most, it will most likely be a slight boost to the ground and crops within.
Parrish and Heimbecker Moose Jaw's General Manager Kerry Olson, said farmers are prepared for this weather.
"It's not going to damage it, by means of sprouts or anything nasty like that. Maybe a bit of disease if they're slower in development. But the guys have been out there spraying a lot of product to try to protect and save too."
Depending on the maturity set, said Olson, he's noticed that sometimes it can help bring on the maturity of a crop slightly. 
Overall, this rain is a very welcomed sight.
"That little bit just before harvest I think that's just a breath of fresh air and closes up the big cracks in the ground a little bit too."
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