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Supporting genomics Innovation in Alberta

Genomics, the study of the genetic information in humans, plants, animals and microbes, helps scientists learn patterns and functions that can be used to improve environmental stewardship and health care treatment or create more robust crops for agriculture.

Genomics has the potential to be a key technology driver of Alberta’s life sciences sector. This is why Alberta’s government is investing $15 million over three years into Genome Alberta, a not-for-profit research funding organization working toward a better future through genomic innovation.

“Genome Alberta’s research has the potential to change the world. This investment will continue to build momentum in Alberta’s tech sector as we work to become the most innovative jurisdiction in Canada.”

Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation
“Genomics innovation in Alberta helps increase the resilience and sustainability of our food systems, improves productivity and enhances animal health. Alberta is well known for our safe, high-quality food products and genomics research supports cutting-edge science and technology adoption in our agriculture sector.”

RJ Sigurdson, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation
The government’s investment of $15 million over three years into Genome Alberta can lead to new solutions that companies, health care providers and environmental managers need to create high-value jobs, ensure talent development and contribute to economic prosperity.

Work supported by Genome Alberta has already started yielding results. A good example is the development of new tools and technologies to support the diagnosis of rare genetic diseases, which has been transformational in the lives of patients and their families.

“This investment is a catalyst we will leverage for additional benefit to Albertans, paving the way for groundbreaking solutions to improve lives through precision health care, and livelihoods in Alberta’s key economic sectors, energy, agriculture and forestry.”

David Bailey CEO, Genome Alberta
Genomics is one more player helping to fulfill the Alberta Technology and Innovation Strategy. Released in 2022, the Alberta Technology and Innovation Strategy sets out an ambitious vision to position the province as an internationally recognized technology and innovation hub. Already, Calgary and Edmonton are emerging technology and innovation hubs in the global technology ecosystem. Alberta’s government is proud to build on that growth through this partnership with Genome Alberta, which will deliver cutting-edge genomic innovation in environment, health care and agriculture.

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