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Tech for Tomorrow’s Table: Charting a Course for the Food Frontier

By Tabitha Caswell for Bioenterprise

Past, present, future and from all corners of the globe, few leaders in agriculture perceive the world as Lenore Newman does. From the briny open air on the shores of Sechelt, British Columbia to the echo in the halls of prestigious Canadian universities, her story is one of exploration and discovery, centered around a deep and personal connection to food. 

An entrepreneur, an academic, an author, and an advocate, Lenore casts a wide net. Here, she shares bits of wisdom from her broad collection of treasures – where the lines separating culinary and cultural delights, scientific wonders, and healthy capitalism blur.

Riding the Wave  

Raised amidst the rhythmic ebb and flow of western Canadian tides, Lenore Newman’s early days were spent thinking of the daily catch. The family’s fishing business formed her initial understanding of the relationship between food and industry. But beyond the horizon of the Pacific, a bigger world beckoned with the promise of satisfying a hungry mind, leading her far from home.

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