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Sheep Farming: Moving Sheep & Lambs /October 1, 2022

Oct 04, 2022

Video: Sheep Farming: Moving Sheep & Lambs /October 1, 2022

At Ewetopia Farms, we had a lot of moving around of sheep and lambs to do because we were running out of space in the lambing barn. So we moved another group of lambs to the Coveralls. Next we moved the dwindling group of pregnant ewes to the back of the lamb barn and we moved the Suffolk breeding group to the old lambing barn. Then we had visitors come to buy the last of our Suffolk ewe lambs so we moved them onto their trailer for shipment. We also moved alot more sheep out of jugs and some more into jugs. Plus Arnie cut down another field of hay. A very busy day! Hope you'll join us!