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Boosting the U.S. Pecan market - A strategic vision


Under the leadership of Anne Warden, the American Pecan Council and American Pecan Promotion Board are setting the stage for significant growth within the pecan industry.  

Warden’s enthusiasm for promoting the health benefits and culinary versatility of pecans is at the heart of a comprehensive strategy designed to increase consumer demand and open new export channels. 

Central to this strategy is the Unified Pecan Promotion Plan (UPPP), which aims to unite the industry in boosting profitability through innovative marketing and expanded use of pecans. The plan is to engage stakeholders across the industry to ensure broad support and implementation of the strategy. 

The focus on nutrition is a key pillar, positioning pecans as a nutritious choice for health-conscious consumers. The council is eyeing exports, particularly to vegetarian-majority countries like India, to drive international demand. The strategy also includes leveraging funds from pecan imports for domestic marketing and essential research to bolster the pecan’s market position. 

The Warden’s approach includes fostering collaboration among the numerous pecan organizations to streamline efforts towards common goals. By enhancing marketing capabilities and providing insights to stakeholders, the initiative aims to elevate the pecan industry to new heights, ensuring a stable and profitable future for U.S. pecan growers and marketers. 

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